Week number of the year calculator

Using the calculator, you will calculate the number of the week of the year based on the date. Check the current or any week number. A year is a period of time that is written in days — 1 year is usually 365. Weeks for a year are usually only used for a specific purpose, eg for a business purpose. In such a record, the year has 52 weeks and one day. In the case of a leap year, it is 52 weeks and 2 days. The commonly used phrase is that a year has 53 weeks, but this is not entirely true. Easy to count that 53 weeks is 371 days, which is much more than 365 days. There are 52 weeks closer to the year, which means 364 days.

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Use date selection to calculate the week number of the year. It is worth adding that in the case of the beginning of the year, there is week 53, which starts in the previous year.

Use of the week of the year

Knowing the numbers of the week of the year is very useful in some situations. First, some countries use weeks of the year more often than others. Secondly, the weeks can be used both at work and at school. Besides, they are a universal measure of time that can be used in an international environment.

An additional advantage of using weeks instead of days is that they return fewer periods. Breaking the year into 53 parts seems ideal for some applications.


A week is a unit of time and usually includes 7 days, 168 hours, or about 1/4 month. For a period in which there is a daylight saving time change, the time may not differ much.

The week is used all over the world, the only difference may be in the days of the weeks. The week starts on a different day (e.g. Monday or Sunday) depending on the region.

The word week can have many meanings, e.g., it talks about a work week or a school week. In these cases, a week will be shorter than usual. It will be a period of time devoted only to carrying out these activities.

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