Convert military time to AM or PM

Convert time to find out what time is it in military time (24 hour). For example, 17:00 in military time is 5 p.m in 12-hours AM/PM clock. It’s good to know that English-speaking countries use a 12-hour clock. It follows that most countries in the world use military time.
Actually, there should be no problems in converting both of these times. Questions arise in the case of noon and midnight. So, 24 is 12 AM and 12 is 12 PM.

Convert military time to AM or PM

If you want to know what time 24 hours is the equivalent of 12 hours, use a simple converter. Just select the appropriate hour and minute, and the converter will automatically convert the military time to standard time. As an example, you can convert the time by selecting 17:00 and changing it to 5 pm.

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Convert standard time to military time

If you need to convert 12 hours to 24 hours, just use the converter provided. All you need to do is select the correct time and time of the day, AM or PM. For example, you want to check the time at noon, and you enter 12, the converter will calculate this time as 24:00.

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AM and PM meaning

The abbreviation AM (also am or a.m) comes from the Latin phrase ante meridiem, which when translated into Polish means morning. So we apply am to the morning hours. Also note that am also occurs for the nighttime hours, which is 00:01 to 06:00.

The designation PM can also be written as pm or p.m, which means from the Latin post meridian and refers to noon. The full range of hours is from 12:00 to 23:59. Therefore, in addition to the afternoon hours, you can also describe the evening hours (from 18:00 to 23:59) using.

You can come across a different way of writing the time in a 12-hour clock. If we want to make a formal style, it is best to use a.m or p.m. However, it is also possible to record less formally, such as AM or PM and am or pm. However, one should follow reasonable consistency, i.e., use the same sign everywhere.

Using a.m and p.m in Anglo-Saxon countries (and former colonies) makes it easier to tell the time. We don’t need any additional information about the time of the day. This is an advantage over the military time system.

Military time conversion chart

Standard time (12 hour)Military time (24 hour)
12.00 AM (midnight)0:00 or 24:00
01.00 AM1:00
02.00 AM2:00
03.00 AM3:00
04.00 AM4:00
05.00 AM5:00
06.00 AM6:00
07.00 AM7:00
08.00 AM8:00
09.00 AM9:00
10.00 AM10:00
11.00 AM11:00
12.00 PM (noon)12:00
01.00 PM13:00
02.00 PM14:00
03.00 PM15:00
04.00 PM16:00
05.00 PM17:00
06.00 PM18:00
07.00 PM19:00
08.00 PM20:00
09.00 PM21:00
10.00 PM22:00
11.00 PM23:00
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